Editorial Team

Chief Executive Editor

Horticulture, Floriculture
IPB University, Indonesia

Handling Editor

Deden Derajat Matra
Tropical Fruits, Transcriptomics
IPB University, Indonesia 

Willy Bayuardi Suwarno 
Biometrics, Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics
IPB University, Indonesia

Diny Dinarti 
Plant Biotechnology
IPB University, Indonesia

Editorial Board

Asmah Awal 
Agricultural Biotechnology
MARA University of Technology, Malaysia

Sandra Arifin Aziz 
Plant Ecophysiology
IPB University, Indonesia

Satriyas Ilyas 
Seed Science and Technology
IPB University, Indonesia 

Ravindra C. Joshi 
Biodiversity, Climate Change, Entomology
Philippine Rice Research Institute

Hayati Minarsih Iskandar 
Biotechnology, Bioindustry
Indonesian Research Institute for Biotechnology and Bioindustry, Indonesia

Joangtae Lee
Soil Science, Agronomy, Horticulture
Gyeongsangnam-do Agricultural Research and Extension Services, South Korea

Fahrul Islam Monshi 
Stress Physiology, Genomic and Proteomic Study
Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Bambang Sapto Purwoko
Crop Biotechnology and Physiology
IPB University, Indonesia 

Plant Biotechnology
IPB University, Indonesia 

Muhamad Syukur
Plant Breeding
IPB University, Indonesia

Shiraiwa Tatsuhiko
Agricultural Plant Science, Agronomy
University of Kyoto, Japan

Ha Minh Tuan
Agricultural Systems, Climate Change Adaptation
Hi-Tech Agriculture & Forestry Research and Development Center (HACEN), Vietnam

Dr Mehmet Tütüncü
Ondokuz Mayıs University, Agriculture Faculty, Turkey

Malcolm Wegener
Agricultural Economics
University of Queensland, Australia 


Technical Editor

Dhika Prita Hapsari
Agronomy, Horticulture
IPB University 

Juang Gema Kartika
Vegetable Crop Production, Horticulture
IPB University 

Megayani Sri Rahayu
IPB University


The blind peer review process and reviewers are crucial to the publication of a manuscript; it validates authors’ research to confirm sound research methods and suitability for publication. 

The Journal of Tropical Crop Science reviewers are from reputable national and international organizations (Universities and Research Centres) in Australia, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, dan USA. The reviewers are selected based on their expertise to assess the topic of a submitted article, their availability to do the review to a deadline, and did not have conflict of interest.